We are very excited to introduce this new and stimulating product to market! Coffee Crunch is a puffed rice cereal with the shape of an actual size coffee bean. This high quality cereal does not have artificial flavoring, but actual coffee extract along with freeze dried coffee. 

Coffee Crunch© is the first and only cereal created with real coffee infused directly in to the puff.  It has taken almost 10 years to perfect the formula through many different trials and phases to finally achieve what we consider to be the best tasting coffee cereal possible. 

We have a patent pending on our trademark giving us the distinct advantage of being the ONLY company to be able to market coffee infused cereal.  We have already established numerous strategic relationships with the largest companies in the US and Japan including Starbucks, Krogers, Source One, Daymon Worldwide, Hain Celestial, and more.

Coffee Crunch© will soon be the only coffee cereal to be in your local super market.  After the initial launch of the Non-GMO Coffee Crunch© we will follow up with a certified Organic line which is in production and should be ready for shipping within the year.

We have gone through numerous designs, boxing concepts, and tastes in order to make sure that we were ready to deliver the best possible cereal we can.  

We have to ability to produce 10,000 boxes a day of Coffee Crunch© once the orders are complete.  We have worked hand and hand with the logistics company, the packaging company, the shipping company, the coffee extractor, our dry goods provider, and our printer in order to have everything completed before we take orders.

We have had unprecedented interest in our product and have been set on making Coffee Crunch© the absolute best product we can before making any commitments or promises.  We are absolutely sure that you will love the product and will be 100% on board with the next huge cereal to be internationally marketed and sold.

our product:

We are the first and only coffee infused cereal in the world

coffee crunch, the only coffee infused cereal in the world and now it's here